Remedy Games

Remedy Games will have their latest project, Alan Wake, released this week.  With a good bit of hype surrounding this game and the good reviews coming in from various sources, there may be quite a few people left wondering exactly who is Remedy Games?  Let’s take a small look.  

While not a big name for sure, Remedy is a group of talented developers from Finland.  The group was formed in 1995 as some of the founders were originally from Future Crew.  Future Crew itself wasn’t so much a game company more so than a group that created and released demos.  But once Remedy was created, it was time to move onto creating games, and a little side application that became quite famous.  You see, Remedy is one of those funny developers that have managed to stick around without creating a huge catalog of games.  In total, including Alan Wake, they have released four official titles since 1995:

Death Rally – 1996

Max Payne – 2001

Max Payne 2 – 2003

Alan Wake – 2010

They really hit popularity status when they released Max Payne.  The game was essentially a third-person shooter which utilized bullet time effects (yes, similar to The Matrix).  In fact, the bullet time effects are what garnered a lot of its attention.  Truth be told though, the game and its sequel were very good and sold very well (the first more than its sequel) But Remedy kind of vanished for a few years until 2005 when they announced their next project, Alan Wake.  While it doesn’t need  to be said I’m going to say it anyway — It has been five years since Remedy announced Alan Wake and it is now just seeing the light of day.  Something a lot of us didn’t think we would ever see.  But alas, and thank god, Remedy is still alive and doing things their way and we will get to enjoy their next taste of gaming goodness.

But what about that little side application?  Well basically Remedy created another development company called Futuremark which is entirely famous for their 3D benchmarking application called 3DMark.  This famous program examines and rates the video capabilities of your machine through various intense tests.  This is still a very popular benchmarking application and we have Remedy to thank for that.

Remedy sure has a funny way of doing things.  But the important thing is, they do things their way and they manage to create great games.  So why mess with the success?  Although we live in a world where most of us want everything now, and game producers are more than happy to shove a lot of crap down our throats just to get things out extremely quickly, it is nice to see that a few developers manage to stay independent and do it their own way.  Even if the wait is a killer sometimes.

*cue gold star and rainbow – The More You Know


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