Foxconn plans to ‘Exorcise’ the suicides

Sometimes, a news story comes along that makes those other news stories that start with “Sometimes, a news story comes along” look pretty rational and coherent.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t that of laughs.

Foxconn, a large manufacturer of computer components (far more than you think.. they are in many things you use), are taking a different approach to handling suicides.  But wait, why would they have to handle suicides?  Because recently in their large manufacturing factory that hosts around 300,000 workers, suicide is becoming a sadly common theme.  There have been eight attempts as of late with the latest one actually resulting in death.  It isn’t as if this is one of those Chinese factories where you work till you die with the most horrible rules and regulations possible.  Generally there are 12-hour workdays at Foxconn, but they do offer competitive wages.  Put it this way, their work environments aren’t the satanic type of environments you generally would associate it with.  So it’s a bit confusing as to why all of this is happening.  But what is Foxconn’s answer to this?  To Exorcise the demons…

Foxconn chairman, Terry Guo, has decided to get help from monks to perform exorcisms.

“Terry Guo, chairman of the Foxconn Group, has sought the aid of an exorcist in an attempt to put an end to the recent run of negative incidents at the plant.”

That’s usually the first thing I think to do when it comes to preventing depression and suicide.  Instead of.. you know… Counseling?  Help?  Work Conditions?  Oh no, let’s just exorcise the shit out of this place because that will “cure” suicide.  Who puts these people in charge?



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