Call of Duty gets some new names

Well we figured it wouldn’t be long before Activision started back on the Call of Duty trail and perhaps, spamming it.  Just recently, Activision registered a few domain names in relevance to the Call of Duty universe.  What do we have so far?

Call of Duty: Future Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Secret Warfare

Call of Duty: Space Warfare

Plus, you can add in sequels to those with 2 and 3.

Who knows where Activision is planning on going with these names for sure.  But it definitely appears as if they are planning different versions of the Call of Duty franchise.  For all we know though, some of these could just be names to throw people off.  Maybe a few are real, maybe we’ll see more domains pop-up, maybe we’ll see crossovers such as Call of Tony Hawk: Guitar Warfare?  Yea, I know, pretty lame which is exactly why I wouldn’t doubt seeing such titles.

You can MadLib your own Call of Duty: _____ Warfare!  Have a go!



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