Mega Man – The Movie!

That’s right, and we’re not talking about some typical Hollywood video game suckage.  We’re talking about a fan-made movie that comes from the heart, yo!  It’s a full-length film running a little over 90-minutes.  So if you have the time, and have nothing to do, give it a try.  It’s free after all and honestly, it isn’t too bad for what it is.

Screwattack is hosting the entire film (via Vimeo).  Just have a looksie if you’re bored!  You know you want to.  How can you now want to watch a decent fan-made Mega Man flick for free?  It’s Mega Man.  Did you love your Nintendo?  Then watch Mega Man.  Do you love your dog and immediate family members?  Surely?  Mega Man needs you?  Si.


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