Google Android moves ahead of iPhone OS for second place

This has got to be great news for Google (the makers of Android OS) and all the users who use an Android-based phone.  Market search conducted by NPD has shown us that it is indeed true — the Android OS has moved up above Apple’s iPhone OS in the U.S smartphone market.  At least, during the first quarter of 2010.  This is the first time in its short life that Android has edged out the iPhone OS and we can all assume that Google is plenty happy with that news, even if it still means they’re in second place.  What’s first?  The Blackberry OS which has a strong grasp on the smartphone market.

Blackberry OS = 36% Market share

Android OS = 28% Market share

iPhone OS = 21% Market share

Me, being an Android smartphone user, can be pretty happy about these numbers.  But I must at least rationally think this and remember that Android is available in a more widespread capacity compared to Apple’s OS.  So we have to keep that in mind with these numbers.  But it is what it is currently and with that, I’ll just smile and hug my Droid and get some air… maybe send some text messages or eat a birthday cake?  Or look at the sun.. that still exists.



One Response to “Google Android moves ahead of iPhone OS for second place”

  1. go android, go android, its ur birthday. i spit on iphone, *spit*

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