3DS will have 2D ability

As Nintendo’s new handheld system keeps gaining hype as we look forward to E3, some news has been leaking out here and there.  We already know that the system will use backwards compatibility for DS owners, which makes the appeal of the system very nice.  Another concern however was over its 3D ability.  Obviously 3D is becoming the newest thing and Nintendo is capitalizing on it.  But not everyone likes the idea of using 3D because of various reasons (eye problems, headaches, etc.)  Well fear not Nintendo fans, the 3DS is going to offer a switchable 3D ability.  This basically means that you don’t need to play the games in 3D if you don’t want to.

This is excellent news for those who were a bit weary of jumping to Nintendo’s new system.  We’ll find out all there is to know in June with E3 right around the corner.



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