FCC to fight for Net Neutrality

Not a huge surprise here, but it appears that the FCC is indeed going to fight for Net Neutrality.  Ever since they lost the case against Comcast, it seems the FCC has been attempting to build their case or find ways to take control of the situation.

It’s hard to say how far this will go, but I imagine the FCC will fight quite hard to get their way.  I love the idea of Net Neutrality and this shouldn’t even be a debate, but it is what it is.  Will the FCC actually help the cause if they get control over it?  They obviously do regulate and censor things in other departments.  Here’s hoping it all turns out good for us, the Internet consumers.  Because that’s what really matters.

Read more about it at the Wall Street Journal which has a nice write-up on what the FCC is trying to do to overcome it.


One Response to “FCC to fight for Net Neutrality”

  1. damn comcast, i really dont like them. the net is like our only real freedom, we pay the service we should be able to do whatever we like on it (following the law of course lol) so im all up with the fcc on this one. i hope they battle it out and win it for us all

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