InstantAction is now live

It was bound to happen, and it’s actually pretty cool.  InstantAction has officially went live this weekend and although it only supports one game at the moment, more will follow.  But what is InstantAction you ask?  Think Youtube meets Gaming.

InstantAction gives gamers a new way to access and play video games by allowing you to play those video games in a browser-based window.  Again, think YouTube.  When you go to load up a game, it will download only what is necessary to play the game at that certain point.  As you progress, it will download more data.  Think of it in the way that YouTube buffers a video before it starts playing, only this takes a bit longer.  The game that is currently available is, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

Go ahead and give it a try.  You can demo a game for the first twenty minutes for free.  After that, it will ask for so much money to continue playing (if you don’t decide to just buy it straight out).


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