Skyfire 2.0 (beta) offers partial Flash support for Android

Tired of waiting for Flash support for your android based system?  Skyfire has the solution… kinda.

Skyfire is a web browser available for Android.  I know, there are plenty of web browsers available for Android already, but Skyfire does try to do something the others don’t – offer Flash support.  Check out the video:

Don’t get overly excited however, as Skyfire’s Flash support is really only limited to videos.  Don’t expect to be playing Super Mario Crossover on your phone just yet.  The web browsing itself is pretty smooth and most things work as stated.  It is a beta, and I did have a few moments where it just shutdown on me and loading seems to take a bit, but these things happen in beta.  While it isn’t the perfect Flash solution (we’re just going to have to wait until Adobe gets it together), it is a nice solution for the moment.  Watching videos on websites that weren’t possible before due to Flash implementation is pretty cool.  So don’t be afraid to give it a try.

It’s a free app currently and you can easily find it on the marketplace.  Enjoy!



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