Activision nabs Bungie with a 10 year deal

We all know that Bungie left Microsoft Game Studios in 2007 due to the fact that they wanted to be more of an independent developer.  This is why this news come as a bit strange.  Apparently, Bungie has signed up for a ten year agreement with Activision to publish games.  Activision will receieve  the rights to publish all new games that Bungie creates.  These games can be published on any platform as well, so expect to see Bungie bombarded on all systems – we know how Activision likes to do it.

With all the hardship going on between Activision and Infinity Ward recently, it’s surprising that a developer such as Bungie would want to partner up with Activision.  But there is a catch, the agreement states that Activision only has the rights to publish Bungie’s new games, but Bungie will retain ownership of it’s intellectual property.  Unlike Infinity Ward which had no rights over what they created.  Don’t expect to see Halo on other systems, however, as this deal is for new properties  and Microsoft has the rights to Halo once Bungie fnishes up Reach.

Bungie is a pretty clever developer.  It’s a bit surprising after they wanted to be more independent and decide to sign a deal with Activision.  But considering they do retain the rights to their properties, it might not be a bad deal for them after all.  At least we won’t see 900 Halo spin offs.



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