Square Enix creates new mature label

According to reports, Square Enix has created a new box label, “Extreme Edges”, for its more mature titles.  The label will be used for games with the mature ratings (CERO D 17+, CERO Z 18+).  It appears the first game to be released under this label could possibly be Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days which is scheduled to release in japan n August 26th.

Square Enix is more noted for their fantasy style RPG games.  With the recent acquisitions of companies such as EIDOS, there is no doubt that Square Enix will be pushing out a different variety of games under their name.  Remember as well, Square Enix published Modern Warfare 2 in Japan to try to reach out the western styled game to the Japanese audience with their obvious experience in the market.  I don’t know how much it makes sense to create this label and if it will really help, but at least they are attempting to new things.



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