Flash support coming with Android Froyo

The idea of Flash support on the Android based phones has been an up and down ride for awhile.  At first we were told it would be available in the first half of 2010.  Then we heard it was delayed until the second half of 2010.  But that turned out to be a misinterpreted message as it was still on track for 2010.  Ah, we love the confusion don’t we?

It’s okay though, as some big news has just hit that Adobe Flash will be available on the next firmware update for Android.  The firmware update will be version 2.2 which is codenamed Froyo.  What does Froyo stand for?  Frozen yogurt of course!  Yes, they use some funny names for their firmware updates.    What it basically comes down to is that Flash will be implemented in the next firmware update without a need for a separate install.  At least, that’s the latest confirmation that we have.  Things change, but right now we’ll take the news.  Now I wonder how long we’ll have to wait until we see froyo?  Let’s not forget how long 2.1 took.



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