iPhone 4G controversy hitting the fan

Well, here’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.  We all know how Apple (and most companies) are pretty secretive about their upcoming products and such.  Especially the really popular ones.  Oddly enough, someone just happened to stumble across the next iteration of the iPhone.  But the funny thing about this one is the fact that the phone was found in a bar, on the floor, in San Jose (perhaps all the excitement from the Sharks game made the person forget it?)  Anyway, so this prototype was found in a bar where someone just happened to find it there.  Now, that’s a pretty big mistake for whoever happened to leave it there and we’re sure Apple is castrating them as we speak. But the story gets far more interesting.

This iPhone prototype wasn’t the easiest thing to recognize at first because it was actually encased in an iPhone 3G shell.  Obviously, to keep prying eyes from noticing it.  This person finds it and decides to sell it off to a news site to gain some cash and to get rid of it probably.  Who wouldn’t want to be the first to have a story on the newest iPhone?  Well, Gizmodo picked up on it and got a hold of the phone.  The person who found it said they “tried” to give it back to Apple, but they weren’t listening.  Right.  So Gizmodo gets this phone and of course have huge exclusives running on their website about it and soon enough, it spreads like wildfire over the Internet.  But things get even more interesting.

Apparently, on Friday, police had raided Jason Chen’s house (editor at Gizmodo) while he was away.  They had a search warrant which allowed them to seize some of this computers amongst other things.  It appears as if a criminal investigation could be likely very soon.  The information about the warrant and such can be found here.  This story was crazy to begin with, but now it’s getting insane.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it would probably be that no matter how much you want an exclusive, best make sure there isn’t a giant corporation backing it that’s going to reign fire down upon you.  Not the smartest of moves, that’s for sure.

The funny thing is that much couldn’t be done with the phone anyway.  Apple had a remote wipe done on it so it couldn’t really boot up it’s OS.  But some things of note were found out (and this can and probably will change since it’s a prototype.)  The prototype has a front facing camera and 80GB of storage.  That’s a ton of information, huh?  I’m sure fans of the iPhone were very glad to hear some news about it and even see  a lot of pictures/videos of the possibly new version of the iPhone.  But this is going to be a crazy controversial ride.



One Response to “iPhone 4G controversy hitting the fan”

  1. Guinavere Says:

    Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to have the kewlist phone, no more phones lol

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