‘Bright Falls’ – Prequels to Alan Wake available now

The time has come to get the hype train going for the upcoming Xbox 360 game, Alan Wake.  The game promises to bring an intense thriller/horror story not quite seen in gaming before.  The Bright Falls videos are prequels and an introduction to what the world of Alan Wake is going to be like, which consists of a very strange, eerie, and atmospheric ride.  The two videos are free and available to Xbox Live gold members (don’t fear, they are short).  If you can’t find them on the dashboard or have a silver membership, you can check them out online at The New York Times.  We should be expecting two more videos next week, and the final two the week after that leading right up to the games release.

Having watched them, I have to say that they got me more excited for Alan Wake.  It isn’t that in-your-face horror style, it really reflects a bizarre atmosphere in the way that David Lynch did for Twin Peaks and even some of Stephen King’s stories.  If you have the time, definitely check out the first two videos of Bright Falls.  They aren’t long, but they manage to give you an uneasy feeling of what’s to come.  Excellent work in my opinion.


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