New PS3 firmware available – v3.30 3D ready

According to the official Playstation blog and numerous other sites, the new PS3 firmware is now live and ready for you to play with.  This firmware update includes Trophy enhancements  which they state you can now easily sort trophies and compare them with friends.  They also (slightly) mention after the trophy idea that this update will ‘prep’ the PS3 for upcoming new features such as 3D gaming.  It’s a bit funny how they put that considering 3D should be at the top of the list of improvements but instead they list it very slightly at the end and say that it’s “coming soon to PS3”.

At least Sony is definitely pushing 3D support, but I almost think this update is sort of a trick to try to convince those who refuse to update – to update with features that aren’t really available just yet.  Tricky Sony, tricky.


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