Would you like your clothes to update your Facebook status?

You know, sometimes a news story comes along that’s just so… different, that you just have to mention it.  At first you glance at it, perhaps have a laugh, and then disregard it.  Except that it sticks in your head and you just have to write it!

So here we have a different idea of communicating with your social networks.  This is a clothing line called Ping.  It is woven with sensors that they say can detect what things you are currently doing.  It then has the ability (via wireless networking) to update the status of say, your Facebook account, with whatever it detects you are doing.  …… ……………………………………….  …….   I refuse to make any awkward jokes right now about the various things it could think you’re doing but actually aren’t.  Um, so it can also ‘tap’ you on the shoulder in different ways to let you know if someone is perhaps responding to you and what not.

I have zero interest in this, but I’m sure there are a lot of Facebook folks who wouldn’t mind giving it a go.  But really, do you want your clothes to update your status?  I’m not saying the tech isn’t kind of neat.  But I wonder how accurate it can actually calculate the exact things you are doing. We generally use the same motions for doing numerous things, so it will be interesting if there are any hands-on reports sometime later on.  Anyway, social networking clothes!  What will be next?



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