PS3 3D support will not include movies

As we all know by now, 3D is set to take over starting this year.  What this means for a lot of companies is that they need to start preparing their products for the newest and coolest technology (well, it’s not exactly new, but it just works way better).  Sony was not going to be left behind and promised a firmware update for the PS3 this summer which will allow the system to be played in 3D.  What they failed to mention until recently however, was that this firmware update will only support the games.  Those of us looking to see some awesome 3D Blu-Ray action are going to have to wait a bit longer. Sony has said that they will eventually support movies in a firmware update later this year.

When you think about it though, it’s really not a bad thing.  Sony isn’t waiting around too much and is giving the consumer exactly what they want – 3D support rather quickly.  And since it will support the games, it will make a lot of early adopters happy.  Considering it is a game console after all.  Not to mention that there really isn’t going to be a load of Blu-Ray 3D movies available for a little while yet anyway.

Nope, does not sound like the end of the world.



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