Playstation bumps up PSN updates

Over the years, it has become standard every week to expect Xbox Live updates on Tuesday and PSN updates on Thursday.  Except for those occasions where both would get an update, such a demo, on Thursday causing Xbox fans to take a dump on Sony fans even more for having to wait.  It appears now though, after all this time, that Sony is bumping their PSN updates to Tuesdays to be on par with Microsoft!  (or Wednesdays if you are in the Europe)

The new PSN schedule should go into affect in a few weeks.  Now will we see Microsoft try to move their date ahead of Sony’s?  I doubt it honestly.  It wouldn’t make much sense and trying to push everything on a Monday just doesn’t seem right.  But alas, this is good news for Sony fans and perhaps even Microsoft fans who no longer have to wait that extra day or two for Sony to catch up!



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