Comcast wins Net Neutrality debate over FCC… Not good

Over the past few years, Comcast has tried to block certain services from being used through their internet broadband service.  The big debate was that in 2008 Comcast wanted to block any type of Bittorrent usage.  However, the FCC intervened to prevent Comcast from blocking any such services because of Net Neutrality.

If you’re a fan of the internet then you probably support Net Neutrality.  It is basically the idea that if you pay for an internet service you should be allowed to access and use whatever is offered on the internet.  Certain companies though do not like the idea of Net Neutrality and are wanting to create their own policies on what should and shouldn’t be accessed.  As is the case with the recent ruling.  The U.S Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC didn’t have the right to step in and dictate what Comcast should do.  This isn’t exactly a good thing.

While BitTorrent may not be an exact necessity in our lives, it can be very useful.  Sure, it is a way to share large chunks of data (some legal, some not so legal), but we can live without that.  But why can’t I have the right to choose if I want to use that?  Okay, but let’s think for a bit.  What if at some point down the road, these companies such as Comcast want to block other usages from the internet?  You see, sometimes the FCC ain’t so bad.



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