New Alan Wake trailer and dev party!

(Remedy celebrates their victory!)

It has been around four years since Alan Wake was first announced.  At times it seemed as if it completely disappeared, never to see the light of day.  And then it would reappear with some small news or quick videos and once again, vanish into the dark oblivion.

But not anymore!

Alan Wake is scheduled to hit U.S stores on May 18th (and possibly May 14th for Europe) and is an Xbox 360 exclusive title.  After all those years it is finally going to come into our homes.  The developers at Remedy (the creators of Max Payne) were surely pleased after all this time and have even threw a party as the game has just cleared Microsoft certification!

Not only have they earned this congratulations, they were even nice enough to throw out a fresh new trailer which will explain a lot about the game.  If you don’t know much about Alan Wake, well here is your chance to familiarize yourself with it.  Alan Wake is looking like a stunning A-game thriller that should not be missed.



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