Rare Atari game being auctioned on eBay!

Remember all those people that would laugh over people who collect or have collected video games because they were worthless?  Well, we can safely say those people were foolishly wrong!

Recently, there were some very high auctions on eBay for the game Stadium Events – a rare NES title.  Two copies sold at very high prices – an opened copy with the box and everything went for around $13,000 while another copy which was sealed went for an amazingly high price of around $40,000.  We aren’t finished yet though as a very, very rare Atari game was recently found and is currently up for auction.

The game is titled Air Raid, and it is one of the rarest Atari games in existence.  There has never been a boxed copy known to exist until now.  In fact, most people weren’t even sure of the actual title of the game due to the fact that it isn’t printed on the cartridge itself.  Tanner (a member at AtariAge.com) was recently reading an article over at CNN which discussed some of the rarest games in video game history.  Tanner realized he had a copy of this game, which has been sitting around his garage for years.  He listed it up on eBay, but just for the cartridge itself.  Not too long after that, he found the original box for the game and had it re-listed.  It has been proven to be completely authentic and with five days left on the auction, it is currently going for $12,500.

What an amazing find and it will be very interesting to see how high this game goes for.  Don’t we all wish we could find these beautiful rare games hanging out in our attics or garages? 🙂  You can check out his auction over at eBay!



One Response to “Rare Atari game being auctioned on eBay!”

  1. Guinavere Says:

    I wish that i had one of those games…. to sell 🙂

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