UFC Undisputed 2010

Ah, Spring is in the air and soon most of us will forget about the huge amounts of snow that was dumped on us and move on to better things such as cruising in our vehicles with the windows down, playing street hockey, and relentlessly beating someone’s face till they are knocked out.  That’s right, soon we all will be getting our hands on the next UFC game from THQ.  Ready to fight?

UFC Undisputed 2010, which is scheduled to hit store shelves on May 25th, promises to up the ante over its predecessor.  Although there hasn’t been a lot of videos released yet and information has been scarce, the game is shaping up for complete domination.

So what has changed from 09?  Well, let’s get some of the obvious stuff out of the way.

–          The roster will be improved and updated of course, and there will be over 100 fighters this time around.

–          The fighters will be much more unique since they won’t be limited to only the ability of a certain discipline.

–          There will be a sway system in place.  This will allow you some control over your fighter’s upper body and head to better evade strikes.  Also, southpaw is definitely in.

–          The game is watching you feature.  This will be in career mode as the game tracks your progress throughout adjusting commentary and difficulty amongst other things to give it a far more realistic feel as you and your fighter progress.

–          Three new additions to gameplay modes.  They include title mode which allows you to fight through a weight class to win and defend belts.  Title defense mode which sounds like it’ll be a grueling fight after fight while the fighter’s condition carries to the next.  A tournament mode which will allow up to 16 fighters in single or team formats.  There will also be CPU vs. CPU.

Now let’s get into some fresh info that was found from the recent THQ event.

From the looks of it, the pace of the fights are much smoother and quicker.  They represent a more realistic look compared to ’09 and with less of that robotic animation.  You won’t feel like you’re going at a turtles pace this time around and everything just has a far nicer fluidity to it.

We know that the KO system will be different.  Not many details have been said about it, but they are using a different system for it and it should create a better effect and a more realistic sense.  The flash KO’s may not be as common as ’09 (which is probably for the best) but they will be used better.  If you land one of those clean-perfectly timed shots, chances are you’ll get a flash KO.  Last year, it seemed at times they looked a bit silly, but this year promises to improve on that far more and so far it’s looking good.

The submission system will be similar to an extent.  The ‘shine’ system will still be in place, but there will not be button mashing this time.  There will be flash submissions this time as well which will add a lot of tension to the matches.  Just like the flash KO, you always have to be careful!  Submissions will also have transitions which creates a lot of depth for the submission system.  Perhaps you’ll have an omaplata but transition right into an armbar.  Along with that, fighters will have a special submission technique (one that they excel at).  If a fighter is using his special submission, it will be a lot tougher to get out of.  This won’t be the WWE style of ‘finishing move’, it will just mean that if a fighter is very skilled a certain submission, it will be more difficult for the opponent – just like in real life.

Attack damage will be better utilized this time.  Let’s say you are constantly striking an opponent’s leg, it will get bruised and buckle.  This will make the opponent move slower, his leg strength will cause less damage, and he will be more susceptible to takedowns.

Rumors have it that the demo will be available soon.  I’ll guess sometime in April, but if not, then early May (yea, I’m really going out on a limb here).   If reports are correct, the demo will include 16 fighters.  It seems a lot to me for a demo, but we’ll see soon enough.

Other than that, there is so much new and fresh that it will make the game seem very different, but slightly familiar.  With the additions of new submissions, new positions, new modes, cage work, new animations, refs actually jumping in to stop the fight, better decisions, smoother gameplay, and the list goes on.  Get ready for the best UFC game yet!

Check out a video here from gametrailers.com which shows off a bit of tournament mode with some nice gameplay!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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