2.1 update for Motorola Droid is finally rolling out (We hope)

Disclaimer:  I’m just posting the news.  I do not take direct responsibility for any delays or other strange events with Verizon Wireless or Motorola.  Please, don’t shoot the messenger 😉

I think it’s safe to say that the Motorola Droid is finally getting its long awaited 2.1 update!  Yes, we have all been fooled by this a few times already, but this time it seems like the real thing.  Engadget came across an internal e-mail from Verizon which stated that the 2.1 update for the Droid will start rolling out Today!  Yes, as in March 30th, 2010,  not March 30th, 2011.  There is a small catch though – The update will begin rolling out today, but it will roll out in waves.  Just don’t be too upset if you don’t get the update alert today as it will only reach 10,000 users.

Here is the internal e-mail that was leaked.  It shows off what is included in the update and the schedule they have for distributing it.  So Droid fans, let’s all sing in harmony because soon enough we’ll all have the 2.1 update we have been waiting for (and then we can find more cool things to do by rooting it)!

Starting 03/30/2010, Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update for the DROID by Motorola. Users will be able to upgrade their software to version AP: ESE81/BP: C_01.3E.03P to receive new improvements and enhancements.

*Key Advantages:*

o Email – Yahoo Mail is now supported – customers can simply
sign in with their Yahoo! Email address and password. Note:
Yahoo! Email is not available over Wi-Fi
o Pinch to Zoom now available in the Browser, Maps, and Gallery
o Speech-to-Text – Customers can now use their voice instead
of typing whenever a text-entry box appears
o Google Goggles is now preloaded
o The new Gallery application uses 3D layout and shows both
pictures taken with the customer’s Android device and images
from Picasa Web Albums account online

*Software Schedule:*
Below is the software-upgrade notification schedule (All times listed are Eastern Time):

o At noon on 03/30, 1,000 users will receive notification of
the update.
o At 11:59 PM on 03/30, 9,000 more users will receive the
update notification.
o After the first 10,000 users receive the update on 03/30,
there will be a 24-hour period when no additional upgrades
will be delivered.
o On Day 3 (04/01), 200,000 users will receive the update
notification at 11:59 PM. This schedule will continue each
day thereafter until the update has been delivered to all users.

*Download & Install Conditions:*

o An OTA download requires 40% or more power availability if
the device is not connected to an external power source or
20% or more power if it is connected to an external source
o If roaming, the customer will not receive the update. The
only option in this scenario is for the subscriber to enable
Wi-Fi and wait for a mandatory OTA. The wait period in this
case will not be more than 12 hours
o User must wait to receive the upgrade via OTA
o User is unable to make or receive calls, including emergency
calls during this time
o Users will see the following information when they select*
More info* on the update screen:/ This software update
includes new enhancements to support Yahoo! Email,
pinch-to-zoom, and many other improvements for your DROID by
Motorola. You will be unable to use your device or make
emergency calls for the duration of the install. The
software updates automatically, and your DROID will power
off and on as part of this software upgrade.


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