Bungie discusses Halo: Reach matchmaking

Bungie posted their new weekly update which explains some things about the new matchmaking features in the upcoming Halo: Reach.

Remember how you just hated a certain map, and then you would all veto it only to get another map you hated?  Well this is being taken care of better this time.  For Halo: Reach, you will have the default map but there will also be three other maps to choose from.  This is how it will work.  Instead of just vetoing the default map, the players will get to choose from the three other maps that are shown, this will give the players far better ability to get a map they can all agree on instead of it being randomly selected.  If enough people dislike the default map then they can all vote on the other maps and of course, if there is enough support, that map will be chosen instead.  This is a very cool idea from Bungie considering it did get annoying to veto a map you hated only to get involved in another one that also wasn’t liked.

There is also an Active Roster system in place.  What this does is make it less annoying to go find your friends.  Normally, if you wanted to find friends or create parties, you would end up pushing the guide button and having to go through a bit of an unneeded process.  Really, it is annoying.  With the Active Roster system, your friends will be displayed on the matchmaking screen.  You can now easily invite them without that extra hassle.  Simple and smart.

One other thing to touch up on which kind of goes with friend inviting.  A lot of times your friends will already be in the middle of playing a game.  With the new Queue Join function, you won’t have to wait for your friends game to be over and hope that they remember to send you an invite.  Now, it will be like waiting in a queue.  Instead of hoping that you can jump in, the queue function will wait till the friends match is over and automatically join that party.

Pretty cool stuff that will surely save a lot of hassle.  There is a lot more info as well which can be found over at bungie.net


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