Mark your calenders. June 13th is Natal day

It was announced earlier this month that Microsoft would be bringing their full Natal line-up to E3 this year.  They weren’t kidding us.

Earlier today, Microsoft sent out an email stating that June 13th will be “Your first look at the future of fun”.  Apparently Microsoft is really high on their new toy.  But who can blame them?  With Nintendo bringing their type of motion control to the mainstream a few years ago, and Sony taking the idea with the Playstation Move later this year, Microsoft is offering something that could very well be a unique experience in Natal.

As we know, Project Natal is a different type of experience (at least as we know so far).  We won’t have the need to hold any motion devices in our hands to play.  Instead, Natal will offer a different experience by combining everything into one camera-like device that will sit in front of you.  It has been gaining quite a lot of hype since its announcement at last years E3, but there hasn’t been a whole lot of information since.

I expect we will see everything we want to come June 13th since Microsoft is practically using that whole event for Natal.  We should all expect to hear all the information that we’ve been waiting for, finally.  You can also bet that they will be showcasing a lot of games for Natal as well.  Microsoft has sure played the patient game with this one.  Hopefully it won’t be a disappointment and we’ll all get that eager “I can’t wait!” feeling.


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