God of War III – Afterthoughts

I will be completely honest; I have never finished the previous God of War games.  Yep, that’s right, I said it. I have not finished the previous games in the series.  Why?  Well, basically they frustrated me!  They aren’t typically my type of game.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the mythological storyline and all the gore is crazy fun.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit through and play them for more than a few hours.  However, I really wanted to give God of War III a real try.  I have no time currently to go through the previous games, so I did what any normal person would – I read up on their stories 🙂  Well, I have just finished up God of War III and here are my afterthoughts.

The game starts off in amazing fashion (No, I’m not going to spoil the game here because that would be rude).  It begins where the second one ended.  Kratos and the titans are climbing up Mount Olympus to take down Zeus and any other god that stands in their way.  It is truly a great opening to the game.  I was a bit taken back at how awesome everything looked because it was set in a large scale – bright luscious outside environment.  After some epic battles and scenes, the game went back to its normal God of War ways.

What ways are this?

Oh, the ‘fight off hordes of enemies, move on to a new spot, fight more enemies, solve a puzzle, fight a boss, rinse and repeat’.  It just isn’t my type of game, but I pushed through anyway.  As I state in my review, it’s a proven formula that has worked for the series, but it doesn’t work all that well for me.  Plus, I get frustrated very easily at times and this game frustrated me a lot!  That god damn jumping slaughtered me too many times!  But that’s just because I may or may not suck at it 😛  And my patience lately has been thin.  So while I must have died over 100 times (haha) I still battled through.

I can’t fault it too much for its style though.  A lot of games follow their own set of routines.  Most first person shooters are the same thing; you shoot people, move on, shoot people, and move on.  But it’s how it is presented which makes the difference to me.  There are a lot of FPS’s that I wouldn’t bother with or that I get bored with quickly, but some just manage to work for me (such as Modern Warfare).  And that’s what we have here.  A game that is loved by many, offers a lot of things that I enjoy (mythology, gore), but with gameplay that  just doesn’t keep me involved too much.

Well, what do I think?

The game isn’t bad.  Through all my swearing and frustration, I can at least acknowledge the fact that it is a cool game if you like that type of routine.  God of War III has a decent story as well, it isn’t on par with the others, but it does a good job of concluding the series.  Some parts are pretty epic, while others are a bit weak.  And let us not forget the awesome gore factor!

What would God of War be without all the crazy gore -the same game, but without all the crazy gore.  It adds to the theme of it and I just couldn’t imagine Kratos not spilling loads of blood on his path of vengeance.  Enemies will be ripped in half, limbs will be torn, a river of blood will follow in your path, and it is all great!  You know, instead of the in-house soundtrack that was used for the game, they could have easily just looped ‘Good Mourning/Black Friday’ by Megadeth over and over again and it would have worked fantastically!

“Killer, intruder, homicidal man!  If you see me coming, run as fast as you can.  A blood thirsty demon who’s stalking the street,  I hack up my victims like pieces of meat! “

Okay seriously, I’ll lay out the whole song if I don’t stop myself but as you see, it would make a perfect theme!

They say that God of War III is Kratos’ swan song.  They say that it is the conclusion to the epic trilogy.  While I don’t believe this will be the last we’ll see of Kratos or God of War ($$) it does end this trilogy quite nicely.  It isn’t a game that I would play through again, although it does offer some replay value even though it is a linear game.  While not much has changed from the previous games in the series, it still isn’t  bad.  If you had an interest in God of War, then definitely give it a try.

You can read my full review over at gamefaqs.com.


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