The successor to the DS – The 3DS

Nintendo has announced that their next portable gaming machine will be called, the 3DS.  The information was found on Nintendo’s Japanese website which had a press release stating some small information about their next portable device.

It states that the 3DS (which is a temporary name) will use 3D effects without the use of any special glasses.  Considering the popularity in 3D this year, this is probably a wise move by Nintendo.  However, I’d like to know what they have in mind to pull it off without any external peripherals.

The launch date for the 3DS is expected to be around March of 2011.  But don’t worry, we won’t have to wait too long before we get a lot more detailed information on the 3DS.  The press release states that Nintendo will be announcing additional details at E3 in June.

Well, we’ve heard reports back at GDC about the next Nintendo portable and it seems like they weren’t far from the mark.  I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be released this year as that just wouldn’t make much financial sense to Nintendo.  Although announcing it now is a bit strange as the DS XL is being released on March 28th.  I would think this announcement could cut into some sales of their latest DS edition.  But either way, it is official that Nintendo is planning on launching their next portable next year and that it will include some cool features.  I can’t wait to find out more at E3!

Press Release


One Response to “The successor to the DS – The 3DS”

  1. Guinavere Says:

    wow a new one already? Sounds nifty though

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