*G’day mate, will Australia stop banning games?

One thing I’ve noticed over a fairly long period of time now, Australia bans a lot of video games!  I swear at one point it seemed like they would ban a game if the main weapon was a plastic spoon and you would use it to fling… ice cream? at robotic hummingbirds or something.  You live in a country full of poisonous creatures!  I think the game is the least of your problems!

I kind of felt bad though for those cool Aussie gamers who couldn’t get their hands on some cool games without having to import.  However, things might be looking up for them.

With the recent announcement that South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson would be stepping down, many Aussie gamers sighed in relief.  You see, Australia had a ban on games that would be rated 18+.  It was just something that has been around for a long time and goes back to when no one realized that video games would be the complete awesome that they turned out to be today!  So the maximum rating that was placed was MA15+.  There are six attorney generals in Australia and they all have to agree on the changes for it to take affect.  However, Michael Atkinson would not agree with the changes.

Now that he is semi-retiring (he will still be in parliament till 2014, but someone will replace him as attorney general), the Aussies have a good chance to change the system!  Good luck mates!


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