360 may get USB storage support soon

Joystiq.com has come across some very interesting information concerning an upcoming update for the Xbox 360.  The Spring update is expected to support USB storage devices such as hard drives.  Ah, but you say you can already use a hard drive?  Well, yes you can to an extent.  You can use them for loading multimedia such as music, movies, and pictures.  However, the new update is allowing you to use them for much more!

You’ll be able to save your game on it, store Xbox Live Arcade games, save DLC, and possibly even install a game disc to the drive (as you can do now with the 360 drive – with the authentication of course).  This is great news but there are limits.  For instance, no matter how big the USB storage drive is, the 360 will only use 16GB of it.  You will have the ability to connect two USB drives at the same time though, but no more than that.

It is nice to see Microsoft adding some features like this finally.  It has its pros and cons but it is a welcomed addition considering so many people have USB storage drives.  It’s clear that they are limiting the ability and are mostly wanting it to replace the Memory Units instead of their hard drives considering the size limit.  But as I said, it’s a welcome addition.

Look for feature in the upcoming Spring Update.


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