Microsoft looking to get slim?

The rumors are going around (and are probably true) that the Xbox 360 will be getting its own slim model.

Rumors about a redesigned motherboard for the 360 have been flying around for awhile now.  The picture below was recently leaked on an Asian discussion board.

As you can see, the GPU and CPU will essentially be sharing the same chip.  And we now have one heatsink instead of the two currently in the 360.  Ah, and let’s not forget there’s actually a fan on top of this.

Considering the source, an Asian discussion forum, it could just be a clever mock-up.  So don’t take it as 100% real just yet.  However, with the talks of Microsoft combining the CPU and GPU for awhile now and wanting to make a slimmer model, it could all very well be true.

We’ll see what happens.


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