Bad Company 2 PSA: F.R.A.G.S

Ah, the war between Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 continues!

Before the release of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward had released a PSA entitled ‘Fight Against Grenade Spam’.  I don’t remember seeing the video unfortunately, but if you put it together as an acronym you get ‘F.A.G.S’.  No offense to anyone, I’m just telling the story.  Anyway, the video featured the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels.  It was meant to be a viral video showing off the lameness of spamming grenades in Modern Warfare.  It didn’t take off very well though as people were upset over the acronym amongst other things so it was pulled.

Ah!  But the folks at Bad Company 2 have the answer!  In their PSA entitled ‘Friends Really Against Grenade Spam’, which features Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, we get an explanation of why grenade spam really isn’t a big problem in Bad Company 2.  The folks at DICE seem like they are really enjoying the success of their game and why not?  They have created a great game and are just having fun with it.

Check out the PSA.  It’s good stuff.


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