Ghostwire coming to iPhone and Android

Ghostwire, which is currently scheduled for the DS, will also be making its way to the iPhone and Google’s Android!… But what is, Ghostwire?

This is an interesting game developed by, A Different Game.  It’s a very unique experience in which case your DS or phone is turned into a paranormal hunting tool in your real environments!   By utilizing things such as camera, sound, gps, and others, it has the ability to combine real-world with computer generated information.  For instance, you may see a ghost in your room and be able to communicate with it, find out what’s wrong, and possibly capture it!

They’ll be plenty of interesting fun to be had in Ghostwire, especially if you’re a sucker for the paranormal.  With a release date around Halloween of this year, get ready to enter a different reality 😉

Oh, and if my phone starts talking to me at night.. *shakes fist


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