Console Exclusivities – A Perspective

Ah, console exclusivity.  It just melts my heart seeing all of those fanboys arguing relentlessly over why their console of choice is the best.  The wild passion they argue with can make Bin Laden hide in caves! (Oh Wait).   Though it is extremely funny to see fanboys go at it in the heat of battle, there is more to it than just arguing.  There’s competition.

Competition is what makes things great!  Think of the big heavyweight bouts we’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the gaming world;  Atari vs. Intellivision, Nintendo vs. Sega, Sony vs. Microsoft, and it has all been fun to watch.  It’s the spirit of competition.  It brings out the best of things.

Imagine if each console had the same exact games.  What would make you feel the need to purchase one over the other?  Besides liking one company more than another of course.  When you have these exclusive games, the company is fighting for your money.  They want to put out the best possible software and hardware so that you will buy their products.  If you didn’t have that then everything would be the same.  Everything would be kind of boring… boring.

We need excitement!

These companies are always trying to out do each other.  What this does is create better products, better pricing, and better services.  They are always coming up with new and interesting ideas to try to one-up the competition.  They push each other to the top.  We don’t just have boxes that play games now.  We have boxes that offer online services, wireless controllers, motion peripherals, movie playback, and a load of really cool and really stupid add-ons.  But it all starts with the games.

That is the reason you buy a console in the first place.  It may have your favorite game or some upcoming games that interest you that aren’t available anywhere else.  Then the competition says, “oh shit, we have to create even better exclusives!”  And so is the circle of life.

At times, it may feel unfair.  You have this system, but then you learn about a game that you can’t play.  Why?  Because it is exclusive to the other system.  Well, the answer is a bit simple.  Buy that console and enjoy complete gaming goodness.  And if you can’t (it’s understandable) then research, research, research, before you buy.  It’s your decision and your responsiblity on what you choose.  As for the kids – it’s okay kiddies, you’ll understand when you grow up.

Nintendo has its Mario, Microsoft has its Halo, and Sony has its Uncharted.  They give the console an identity and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  After all, there’s a little fanboy in all of us.

Just my perspective is all!


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