Monkey Island 2: Special Edition Announced

If you missed The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition that was released last year on Xbox Live.. Shame on you!  But you can redeem yourself by going and purchasing this classic game now!  And then you can get ready for the sequel!

That’s right, LucasArts announced that the sequel will be heading to Xbox Live, PSN, PC, iPhone and iPod touch.  In similar fashion to the first remake, this will also include the updated amazing HD look.  Not only that, but it will also feature a new control system.

“In addition to the point-and-click interface, we’ve added the ability to move Guybrush around, so you feel more connected to him,” said LucasArts’ Craig Derrick, project lead on all Monkey Island products.

Now if only we can get some other LucasArts classics remade in HD.  Perhaps Day of the Tentacle?  Sam n’ Max? Full Throttle?  The Dig?  Maniac Mansion?

One can dream, right?

(Monkey Island 2:SE original and hd screenshots)


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