Baby Mistakes Gun for Wii Remote?

Sad news coming out of Tennessee.  A 3 year old girl shot herself.  The initial claim was that the baby must have thought the gun was a Wii remote or a Wii accessory (like a gun).  However, there seems to be more to this in my opinion.  What was a gun doing loaded and laying around where a baby could grab it?  I highly doubt it’s common to stack your Wii controllers and guns next to each other.

There is new updated information which can be found at:…ticle_id=10318

“The gun is apparently a .380 caliber semi automatic handgun. The stepfather claims he was asleep at the time of the incident, according to authorities. The stepfather also claims the child’s mother was in the room with the child at the time of the incident. The mother has told authorities the girl might have thought she was playing with a Nintendo Wii controller that resembled a gun. According to the stepfather, the gun was out because he had heard a prowler and gotten the gun out earlier that evening. He then left the gun on the table in the living room.”

Sounds a bit suspicious to me.  Very sad news though.


One Response to “Baby Mistakes Gun for Wii Remote?”

  1. Pyrotech Says:

    Ok this just touches a nerve having a two year old of my own. When i first read this i looked up sizes of .380 cal pistols versus wii controllers. The Wii controller is just shy of 6 inches and on average i found most .380s to be around the same length. So, size wise i could see and depending which gun he had some do look rather toy like. This does not justify the negligence of the step-father to leave a loaded gun laying where a child could reach it. Farther more if the mother was in the room when it happen wouldn’t she of seen the child and notice the color. Wii controllers being bright white and most guns being black or silver with black. Or, to of even notices the gun on the table and simply put it up. Whether this was truly an accident or not it’s one that could of easily been prevented.

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