Assassins Creed II Unplayable!

It has already been said many times that Ubisoft’s new DRM protection is a very bad thing.  But now it has caused Assassins Creed II to be unplayable!

The DRM used in ACII requires that you have an internet connection at all times.  It constantly checks their authentication server to ensure you are playing a legitimate copy of the game.  If you lose connection to their server then the game will boot you out.  Not very fair is it?  So what happens when Ubisoft’s server goes down?  The same thing!  For the past 12 hours or so Ubisoft has been having problems with their servers which has led many fans of ACII in the dark.  They simply can’t play the game.

How is this fair to the legitimate buyers of the game?  With all the backlash from the new DRM prior to this, will Ubisoft quit using it?  Well, I think they better open their eyes.  This kind of protection and behavior will simply push people to piracy considering this DRM was cracked within 24 hours after release.  So while the legitimate buyers are sitting there not able to play – the pirated users are enjoying it quite nicely.  Way to piss on your fan base, Ubi.

This only affects the PC version of the game.


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